Sound Healing

Channeled Sound Healing

Alillia has been singing in burial rituals, grief ceremonies and at the bedside of the ill and dying for over 20 years.

One on One Sound Healing 

Vibrational Healing for your body

Sound Healing For Your Event

  • day of mourning

  • memorial/funeral

  • graveside/burial rituals

  • womxn's circle

  • Vigils

Singing Circle Facilitator

Trance-state meditative sounding;

We will gather in a circle, listen for our ancestors and join them in song.

Creates a safe container to discharge distress

Alleviates loneliness, soothes nervous systems, combats oppression, empowers your voice/self-expression


*no singing experience needed

A Black Femme Healing

Songs and conversations about Alillia's healing journey with sound and color